Jeopardy! Champion Isaac Hirsch admits he went into the show with “little confidence” and fires back at the “haters” of his fashion style

Jeopardy! Champion Isaac Hirsch admits he went into the show with “little confidence” and fires back at the “haters” of his fashion style

JEOPARDY! contestant Isaac Hirsch is currently on the road to success and is also attracting attention with his eye-catching clothing choices.

The contestant from Burbank, California, responded to his style haters and shared surprising insights into his run on “Jeopardy!” on Instagram.

Jeopardy! champion Isaac Hirsch talked about how “the internet is divided over my love of ’70s menswear”Source: Jeopardy!
He also revealed why he had “little confidence” before his winning streak beganSource: Jeopardy!

Since Monday, Isaac has amassed four consecutive wins and a whopping total of $100,586.

He won three of his four victories with flying colors, earning an average of more than $25,000 per game, and fans now believe he could be the next perennial champion.

But speaking of fashion: He also caused a stir with his competition outfits, which were unmistakably reminiscent of men’s fashion of the 70s.

“The current champion looks like a porn star from the 70s,” one Facebook user recently posted during his run.

“I guess Isaac went to Studio 54 after the show was taped,” another scoffed.

“This guy makes me want to see the next game! I wonder what he’ll wear?” wrote a third. “He’s quirky and funny… and super smart! We need more people like him in our lives!”


Isaac shared a lengthy Instagram post over the weekend reflecting on his sudden winning streak and, yes, his seizures.

“Well, this is going better than expected!” he began in the caption. “I am now a 3-day champion for the weekend with earnings of just over $70,000.”

Isaac explained that he was a “local substitute” who had been waiting in the wings to compete for some time.

The game show regularly offers a change of on-call shifts if a scheduled candidate is unavailable.

Jeopardy! player ‘insults herself’ with mysterious final bid for prize money as Isaac Hirsch scores third ‘Elite’ win

“I actually went into it with quite a bit of low confidence – as a local substitute, I watched film of seven games before recording myself.

“And I realized that I was doing terribly in the green room and had problems with the bell during rehearsal.”

“But now I’ve kind of figured out the buzzer and they’re asking about things I’ve heard about, which is very nice of them. We’ll see if I can keep it going next week!”

He added: “The internet is divided on my love of 70s menswear.

Jeopardy! Universe

Jeopardy! first aired from 1964 to 1975. Then the nighttime version began in 1974. Since then, many spinoffs of the game show have appeared. Here are all of them:

Jeopardy! – (syndicated) 1974 to present, weekdays on ABC at 7 p.m. ET.

Tournament of Champions – 1984 to present, features the top champions who have appeared on the show since the last tournament.

In the Second Chance Tournament from 2022 to present, hand-picked non-winners from the previous season participate and the prize is participation in the Champions Wildcard.

Champions Wildcard – from 2023 to present, includes all one-, two- and three-day champions from the previous season who are worthy of participation in the Tournament of Champions.

Jeopardy! Invitational Tournament (Syndication) – 2023 to present, with former greats invited by the producers to vie for a spot in the Masters.

Jeopardy! Masters (Primetime) – 2023 to present, featuring the six highest-ranking Jeopardy! champions competing against each other.

Celebrity Jeopardy! (prime time) – Since 1992, celebrities have competed against each other to raise money for charity.

Pop Culture Jeopardy (streaming) – from 2024, with teams of three solving pop culture quizzes on Amazon Prime, host and broadcast date to be announced

Jeopardy! has eliminated specialized tournaments such as the College Tournaments, Kids Week, and the Professor’s Tournament, and instead moved to a more competitive model with the Masters at the top of the Jeopardy pyramid.

Other versions of “Jeopardy!” have also fizzled out over the years, such as “Sports Jeopardy!”.

“Good news for the haters: I’m almost out of wardrobe-approved vintage shirts.

“So if I keep winning, the attacks will become much quieter.

“I should also mention that my last two shirts were gifts from my stylist/friend.”

His Instagram post included a slideshow of photos of moments in his life that he referenced in his success anecdotes on the show.

He showed off his battered car, which made a guest appearance on the television series “Brooklyn 99,” and a photo of him “ironically” winning the high school’s Homecoming King title.

He also proudly included a snapshot of his father, Steve Hirsch, who took part in the show in 1985.

Isaac Hirsch addressed the “haters” on Instagram: “I’m almost out of wardrobe-approved vintage shirts.”Source: Instagram/ ibhirsch
He shared a winning photo of his father Steve Hirsch as a candidate in 1985Source: Instagram/ ibhirsch
And a photo of his car on Brooklyn 99 – a story that was a hit with Jeopardy! viewersSource: Instagram/ ibhirsch
And last but not least, a photo of him “ironically” winning the title of Homecoming King.Source: Instagram/ ibhirsch


During his first victory, Isaac recalled on stage that his father had appeared on “Jeopardy!” 30 years ago – and lost.

“My dad was on Jeopardy! in the ’80s and one of the first years that Alex hosted the show, and he lost,” Isaac said.

“As a kid, I always teased him about it. Like Weird Al on ‘I Lost On Jeopardy!’ when he said, ‘It’s about you, Dad!'”

Ken burst out laughing as Isaac concluded, “So today we’re going to find out how real karma is.”

Jeopardy! shared an Instagram video of Isaac’s story, and his father, Steven, spoke out in the comments section, calling for a second chance.

“If Ken Jennings keeps mentioning that I lost on Jeopardy, I want another chance! Bring me back so I can win again!” he wrote.


Isaac, who used to work as a stand-up comedian, is now no stranger to the game show circuit.

In 2023, he won $140,000 on the ABC game show “The Chase” by defeating chaser and nine-day “Jeopardy!” champion Buzzy Cohen.

In 2017, Isaac also appeared on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and won $5,000 after answering the $20,000 question incorrectly.

On Reddit, a viewer recently mentioned that he knew him from the ABC show “The Chase” – and Isaac didn’t hold back when it came to their stricter rules.

“On The Chase, however, I was not allowed to dress as I really am,” he wrote.

Isaac will be looking for his fifth win on Tuesday, which would qualify him for the next Tournament of Champions.

The other qualifiers are Drew, Adriana Harmeyer (15 wins), Alison Betts (5 wins) and Dr. Amy Hummel (5 wins) and Lisa Ann Walter from Celebrity Jeopardy!.

With four wins, Grant DeYoung and Amar Kakirde will likely also be there.

“Well… I think Isaac might be here for a while,” wrote one Redditor after his last decisive win.

“Yes, Isaac wins these games in impressive fashion,” wrote another. “But he also wins the interview portion of the show. I can’t remember a contestant who had as many funny and/or charming anecdotes to tell early in their time on the show as he did.”

“Jeopardy!” airs at 7 p.m. ET – check your local listings.

A big advantage of Isaac Hirsch’s run was his outfits, but he is also a serious playerSource: Jeopardy!
He will go to win five with host Ken Jennings on Tuesday’s episode, earning an average of $25,000 per game.Source: Jeopardy!