What happened to Karen Everett after season 5 of The Family Chantel?

What happened to Karen Everett after season 5 of The Family Chantel?


  • Pedro and Chantel’s relationship on The Family Chantel was full of drama and family interference, making for intense TV moments.
  • Karen Everett, Chantel’s mother, never trusted Pedro. Her suspicions about him proved correct after their messy divorce.
  • Karen has become a fan favorite because of her pragmatic approach and loving support of her family, even if she can be a bit overprotective at times.

The Chantel family star Karen Everett enjoys life after season 5 of the seriesand it’s time to talk about what she’s been up to since that episode aired. Karen made her reality TV debut on 90 Day Fiancé Season 4, when her American daughter Chantel Everett fell in love with Dominican Republic native Pedro Jimeno. In Season 5, the on-screen action was explosive due to Chantel and Pedro’s extremely messy divorce.

The suspicions Karen always had about her son-in-law reached a critical point when he coldly abandoned her daughter, breaking Chantel’s heart.

Chantel and Pedro’s relationship was a storyline that delivered the kind of over-the-top drama that makes reality TV irresistible. Karen and her husband Thomas were in on the act, creating drama by watching over their daughter. What they saw as protectiveness could also have been viewed as strong interference. Like Romeo and Juliet, Pedro and Chantel struggled to maintain their bond. It is as if they were cowering under the long, dark shadow of their feuding relatives. Karen never trusted Pedro, and in retrospect it seems as if her feminine intuition was completely right.


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Karen Everett was a straightforward mother

She didn’t mince her words

Upstairs, Karen is busy with cleaning products at Chantel‘s TikTok, but it’s often more serious. Chantel and Pedro’s relationship developed into a story with many exciting twists and turns and Karen was not happy with that. While the duo tried to build a life together, Karen and her husband Thomas didn’t give Pedro a second’s peace. Karen and Chantel’s father were no-nonsense parents. Karen, in particular, was tough on Pedro. While Thomas was more likely to give in to please his daughter, Karen stood firm.

Karen is always a wild mama bear. The Chantel family Season 2 saw the Everetts essentially turn against Royal Wylie’s fiancée Angenette Wylie. Royal and Angenette are now married. As for their children’s love lives, Karen has a hawk-like appearance – maybe too much. But that’s just the way it is.

Karen is unlikely to change now. In fact, after Chantel and Pedro split, Karen couldn’t resist an “I told you so” moment that was a little gross. On screen, she sat right next to her beautiful and distraught daughter. While staring into the camera, Karen, the “helicopter mom,” said:

Chantel should have listened to my warnings

Sure, it’s true, but did it really need to be said? Chantel was already suffering. Karen is a loving mother, but sometimes she goes too far. However, she will always be there for Chantel – she loves her. Pedro won’t be there, but Chantel can rely on her mother Karen and father Thomas. Through all of life’s ups and downs, they have her back. In fact, it’s their love and loyalty that makes them act a little unpredictably at times. They’re just so protective.

The 5th season of “The Family Chantel” was haunting

Karen Everett insulted Pedro during and after the season

It was impossible to predict how badly things would end – but there were clear signs of trouble in the distance. Nevertheless, at the beginning of their relationship, despite interference from family members, They seemed to be a match made in heaven. Both were physically beautiful and charming and possessed distinct star qualities.

These qualities helped them 90 Day Fiancé Stars and finally gave them their own spin-off, The Chantel family. Family feuds became commonplace on both shows – it was hard to look away from the chaos unfolding on screen. However, Pedro and Chantel still had romantic moments.

Pedro compared Chantel’s hourglass figure to the curves of a guitar, making her blush. The poor woman believed every sweet nothing – Chantel had no defenses as she was so honest and trusting. She had no idea it would end so badly. She still seems blindsided and more than a little bitter in 2024.

Because she was there out of love, most fans took her side. Peter posted about “Success” (via his Instagram post) on March 10, 2024, he seemed to be bragging. This really upset Chantel’s fans. One attacked him in a way that “Mama Karen” would approve of. They said:

Your Green Card and your wife have made you “successful”. Because where would you be without both? Back in your country, alone 😜

Karen Everett gave advice before season 2 of “The Family Chantel”

She is a charismatic and telegenic woman

After season 2, Karen really came out of her shell and dished out advice on her Facebook Watch spin-off, Ask Mama Chantel. She was never a shy person and started helping her fans with their love problems and family issues. Honestly, it’s all hilarious. It’s kitschy enough to be a lot of funlike in the TLC Clip shown above (via the network’s official Facebook account). She gracefully sips a cocktail while delivering a few funny one-liners, including:

Dump them!

The thing is that most of Karen’s advice is absolutely reliable. She famously called Pedro to “harvest the American dollar.” Now he is doing just that as a real estate agent in Georgia – but he needed an American woman to get his foot in the door. Chantel played that role. So if one believes that Pedro is a villain who faked his love, which he denies, then Karen’s assessment of his motives was accurate. She’s a smart woman and if she felt something was wrong, she was most likely right.

After season 2, the Atlanta native stopped posting much on Instagram. Before that, however, she spoke openly about her various ventures. The mother of Chantel, Royal, Winter Everett and Riverknight Everett earned her spin-off. Ask Mama Chantel aired on Facebook Watch in fall 2020. Karen wrote:

Being able to think and laugh, finding humor in the difficult times our world has been going through lately, is a great blessing! Remember to laugh because it will boost your PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). With the greatest love and gratitude I thank you all!!!! See you soon! Stay blessed!!!

The graduate of Clark Atlanta University has also been involved in other projects. She describes herself as “Performance Ambassador”, “famous published author,” “Speaker” And #Business owner in her bio. In addition, Karen continues to thrive in her successful marriage. Even this year (2024), they continue to share an Instagram account. Most couples have separate accounts, but don’t have this “common front.” What they do, they do “as a unit.”

Karen is a Capricorn woman, and they are organized, ambitious, and mature. Although Karen gets angry, her values ​​are traditional. Most Capricorns place a high value on tradition. In 2024, she posts with her husband, honors her family, and makes it clear that Chantel and her other children are her main priorities. She’s always been this way and will never change. Fans probably don’t want her to either. Pedro is a Libra, and since he’s a social air sign and she’s a practical earth sign, they mixed like air and dirt… like a tornado.

One thing was obvious on both sides 90 Day Fiancé And The Chantel family is how much Thomas loves his wife. The proud dad always remained her strongest supporter during The Chantel family Disputes. There is no indication that their relationship is any different off-screen in 2024. On June 1 of this year Karen and Thomas posted and described themselves as “Parents whose children are out of the house.” There was also a hint of melancholy in their smiles – these parents love being with their children.

The mother of four has come a long way since accusing Pedro of being a user, building a successful career in reality TV and becoming a popular personality with fans The Chantel family. Karen is a star in her own right and brings sparkle, wit and fire to the series. Although the show ended after season 5, Karen has definitely left her mark.

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