Guzmán resigns from Livermore School Board

Guzmán resigns from Livermore School Board

Livermore School Board Trustee Yanira Guzmán will not seek re-election this November, choosing instead to pursue other professional and personal interests, the school district said in a statement.

Livermore School Board member Yanira Guzmán will not seek re-election in November. (File photo)

The impending vacancy of Guzmán’s seat means that two seats on the Board of Education are open, as Councilwoman Kristie Wang is also withdrawing her candidacy for City Council.

Guzmán and Wang, both first elected in 2020, are currently in their fourth year on the board and their terms expire at the end of the year.

The remaining three trustees – Board Chair Emily Prusso, Steven Drouin and Craig Bueno – each have two more years left in their current terms.

“I’ve decided to focus on my family and my business,” Guzmán told Livermore Vine about her decision to leave the board. “I have a child who is in her last year of high school and before she goes off to college/work, I want to spend more time with her. Plus, my business is doing well and I need to travel more,” she added.

Guzmán is the founder of her own career consulting firm called The Career Gem. She is also a trained educator who previously taught Spanish and later worked in technology before starting her own company.

Guzmán stressed that she is not completely opposed to running for public office again in the future, saying that the timing of her first candidacy at the height of the coronavirus pandemic was determined by certain factors.

“I always knew I would run for school board, but to be honest (and I shared this in 2020) I thought I would run when I retired or when my children were out of school,” Guzmán said. “However, Covid19 accelerated my candidacy. I wanted to advocate for the students who didn’t have access to WiFi and their online learning (the digital divide) when we originally went into lockdown. That was my impetus.”

With two seats on the five-member board of directors up for grabs this November, the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District encourages interested community members to view a board candidate information form on the district’s website, which provides links to details about the district, the roles and responsibilities of public service as a board member, and the election process.

Also included, according to county officials, are a meeting calendar, candidate schedules, conflict of interest information and campaign reporting requirements, the city’s rules on campaign signs and the California Fair Political Practices Commission’s rules.

“Serving on the local school board is a meaningful way to contribute to your community,” district officials said in their statement. “Being a trustee of the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District does not require an educational degree or political background. However, it does require a sincere interest and a strong commitment to the community and the education of its children.”

Election filing materials are available from the Alameda County Elections Office between July 15 and August 9, the official candidate nomination period.

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