OSU coach Mike Gundy sparks anger as he defends star running back’s drunk driving arrest

OSU coach Mike Gundy sparks anger as he defends star running back’s drunk driving arrest

Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy caused a stir on social media when he addressed the recent arrest of star player Ollie Gordon II for drunk driving.

During the Big 12 media conference, Gundy explained why he will not suspend the 2023 Conference of the Year following the incident.

In addition, Gundy said he had educated himself on the legal blood alcohol limits in Oklahoma and acknowledged that he may have driven several times with a blood alcohol level that exceeded the legal limit.

“I really thought, two or three beers or four – I’m not justifying what Ollie did, I’m telling you what decision I made – well, I thought, I’ve probably done this a thousand times in my life,” Gundy said.

“Well, I was lucky. People are lucky. Ollie made a decision that he wished he could have done better.”

OSU coach Mike Gundy sparked an uproar when he defended his star player after a drunk driving arrest
Ollie Gordon, Big 12 Conference Player of the Year, will not be suspended after his arrest

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On July 2, the Cowboys running back was stopped after his black 2024 Cadillac swerved and was speeding on a highway. During the arrest, officers claimed they noticed “an odor reminiscent of an alcoholic beverage.”

After searching his car, police reported finding a half-full bottle of soda vodka and a half-full bottle of tequila. Gordon also reportedly told police he had consumed one drink, but his blood alcohol levels came back at .11 and .10, both above the state limit of .08.

Gundy claimed his player was a “great person who made a mistake” and decided against suspending the running back, insisting that a one-game suspension would do neither Gordon nor the team any good.

On July 2, Gordon was pulled over after his 2024 Cadillac swerved and was speeding

Gordon’s samples returned values ​​of 0.10 and 0.11, both just above Oklahoma’s legal limit of 0.08.

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In a video of his response, users called his response horrific and pathetic. Meanwhile, another user wrote: “How about we use this as a teachable moment. I’ve probably done this a thousand times??? This guy is not good.”

Although Gundy declined to take disciplinary action, he was aware of the dangers Gordon’s behavior could have caused. The coach also emphasized that Gordon was “lucky” that nothing tragic happened on the road trip.

“Nobody was hurt. We see people doing this and losing their lives all over the country. Not just football players, but everyone, so you guys are lucky.”

In addition, Gundy pointed out that Gordon showed up at media day so he could get his music in front of the masses.

Gordon insisted on attending the media day to take responsibility for his irresponsible actions
Gundy said Gordon was a “great person who made a mistake” and “he was lucky no one was hurt.”

“We can say that these people are not employees, but they really are employees and they get a lot of money,” he said.

“That’s fine, but there has to be a side to what they’re doing and they have to be able – for lack of a better word – to face reality and admit things.”

After insisting on participating in media activities, Gordon apologized for his arrest and said he would learn and grow from his mistakes.