Safari visitor throws plastic bag into hippo’s mouth – viral video sparks outrage | Trends

Safari visitor throws plastic bag into hippo’s mouth – viral video sparks outrage | Trends

A video of someone throwing a plastic bag into a hippo’s mouth has sparked widespread outrage on social media, with people calling on authorities to arrest the person responsible. Authorities at a safari park in Bogor, West Java, where the incident occurred, are reportedly looking for the person responsible. He is also believed to have poked a deer with a carrot during the safari.

While a safari visitor tried to give a hippo a banana, another interrupted him and threw a plastic bag into its mouth (symbolic image). (Unsplash/usinglight)

“A visitor to a safari park in Taman Safari in Indonesia threw a plastic bag into the mouth of a hippo,” reads the caption posted along with the video shared on X.

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The viral video shows a hippo standing at the edge of an enclosure with its mouth open. From a car next to the enclosure, a person tries to feed the animal a carrot. But at that very moment, another car passenger throws a plastic bag into the hippo’s mouth and the animal starts chewing on it.

“We have identified the license plate of the vehicle this person was in. We call on him to publicly apologize to teach other visitors a lesson and show them how to follow standard procedures in the Indonesian safari park,” park spokesman Alexander Zulkarnain told Jakarta Globe.

The outlet also provided an update on the hippo’s health. The animal was immediately examined and declared healthy.

Watch the shocking video here:

The video went viral on social media, receiving over 1.9 million views and countless comments.

What did X users say about this video?

“I hope this person and the hippo meet again one day. Hopefully in an environment that is more favorable to the hippo,” posted one X user. “This made me angrier than any video I’ve seen today, that much I know,” added another.

A third said: “I hope they were caught and arrested! This could kill the hippo!” A fourth agreed: “These people should be banned from every safari park and kept away from animals.”

A fifth person wrote: “Wow, we’re going from choking turtles to strangling hippos.”

Zulkarnain later added, “We have collected information from our guards and security cameras in the park. The guards told us that this visitor was reprimanded several times for opening the window in the tiger area.” He also stated that this behavior is considered animal cruelty and could attract legal consequences, adding that the animals in the park are protected under the Endangered Species Act.

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