Bay Area restaurants Gott’s Roadside and Mr. Pickles are coming to LA

Bay Area restaurants Gott’s Roadside and Mr. Pickles are coming to LA

Two notable Bay Area restaurant chains are coming to Los Angeles. The first is the iconic Gott’s Roadside in Napa Valley and the second is sandwich shop Mr. Pickles, which opened its first Southern California location in Van Nuys yesterday, July 8. What Now LA reports that Gott’s Roadside has confirmed an expansion to Downtown Santa Monica and will offer California burgers with fried eggs, ahi tuna tacos and chicken kale Caesar salads next year. The original Gott’s Roadside restaurant in St. Helena opened in 1999 as Taylor’s Automatic Refresher and has grown to eight locations, winning a James Beard America’s Classics Award along the way.

Mr. Pickles Sandwich Shop opened its first store in San Mateo in 1996 and has since grown to 54 locations in Northern California and six in Arizona. The menu specializes in hot and cold California and Italian deli-style sandwiches, such as the Santa Maria made with tri-tip beef and served on crispy rice-flour-topped French rolls called Dutch Crunch. Goomba and Mama Mia are two new sandwiches for Van Nuys; the former is filled with capicola and pepperoni, while the latter is served with warm meatballs and melted Pepper Jack cheese.

An Italian submarine sandwich with cucumbers on a wooden board.

Hero sandwich from the sandwich shop “Mr. Pickles”.
Mr Pickles

An ode to the Golden Burgers of Long Beach

Reporter Brian Addison writes an elegy for the Golden Burgers fast-food restaurant, which closed in Long Beach on July 7 after four decades of business. The restaurant has now been converted into an Eat Fantastic branch, which operates in Lomita, El Segundo and Torrance, among other South Bay cities. Like many Southern California fast-food restaurants, Golden Burgers served an eclectic menu of American, Greek and Mexican dishes.

Take a walk through a modern Candyland

SF Gate has a story on Jack’s Candy in Downtown Los Angeles, a 90-year-old store that sells one of the most extensive assortments of candy and sweets on the West Coast. Writer Karen Palmer says the warehouse is like a love child of Willy Wonka and Costco. Ten years ago, it moved from a retail store to a 50,000-square-foot industrial facility and was taken over by Shafiq Ahamed, whose family bought the store in 1980.

Craft beer comes to Echo Park

Despite the decline of the craft beer industry in Los Angeles, such as the notable recent closure of Eagle Rock Brewery, Torrance-based Monkish Brewing will open a new location in Echo Park, What Now LA reports. Monkish Echo Park will join the newly developed Echo Exchange commercial project on Sunset Boulevard, expanding the brewery alongside its Torrance location and beer garden in Anaheim.

Other DineLA offers you should know about

Maple Block’s $15 lunch special includes a brisket sandwich with potato salad or coleslaw, a Sante Fe chicken salad or a chicken Caesar salad. The barbecue spot in Culver City and Grand Central Market also offers a cheap $25 dinner special with a plate of smoked meats and a choice of soft drinks. Kids under 10 eat free, which is a great bonus.

If you’re in the mood for brunch, head to Cabra Downtown, which offers a $35 menu of numerous Peruvian dishes, including chorizo ​​skewers and chicken tacu tacu.

Michael’s on Naples in Long Beach offers an elegant dinner with cavatelli, porchetta and panna cotta for $65 per person.

The $35 power lunch at Lunetta in Santa Monica includes a Maine lobster roll and nectarine crisp for dessert.

A day in the life of a street vendor in LA

CBS News has a great clip about Angelica, a fruit vendor from Westlake who recently survived an armed robbery in which the perpetrators stole more than $1,500. Angelica came to the United States as an illegal immigrant at the age of 13 and serves raspados (fruity iced drinks) with the help of her four children.