Sun Li sparks controversy among internet users with his post about his “chosen worker”

Sun Li sparks controversy among internet users with his post about his “chosen worker”

10th of July – It’s rare for a person as popular as Sun Li to spark the anger of netizens and a huge debate between fans and haters, but that’s what happened to her.

The whole affair sparked a storm of outrage on July 5, when the actress posted her usual work update, saying that despite it being summer time, everyone on set still had to wear fall clothes while filming.

“I saw the other actors and they started sweating five seconds after putting on makeup and the sweat was dripping faster than tears. They all asked me curiously: Aren’t you hot? Why didn’t you sweat on your face at all?” she posted.

“How can I say, as soon as I put on makeup, the pores on my face start to understand that I’m going to work. Even though I was soaked to the skin, I didn’t have a single drop of sweat on my face.”

However, Sun Li admitted that when she didn’t have to work and didn’t wear makeup, her whole face would sweat.

“Everyone agrees that I am the chosen worker,” she joked.

However, the post seemed to be met with disapproval from some people, with many saying that she shouldn’t complain about the hardship when she earns huge amounts of money from shooting a single film or drama.

“You earn more in one day than the average person earns in a year. No one would be afraid of the heat,” said one Internet user.

Another wrote: “Think of the farmers affected by the greenhouse effect. They are in the same situation, but they are the chosen workers, and you are a worker who is paid an astronomical price.”

Others defended the actress and said that Sun Li was not complaining, but was just telling a funny story.

“She didn’t say how hard she worked. She just said her face doesn’t sweat easily but you guys made a big deal out of it. If you have nothing to do then why don’t you get a part time job?” said one fan.

Another said: “This is not an attempt to elicit pity. She just said it was hot to emphasize that she doesn’t sweat at work… Even though I hate the high incomes of celebrities, there is nothing to judge about her statement.”

(Photo source: Oriental Daily)