Health is for EveryBODY™ campaign welcomes Dr. Nick Athens as ambassador

Health is for EveryBODY™ campaign welcomes Dr. Nick Athens as ambassador

The author of “To the Health of You” becomes an influential holistic voice for revolutionary global health education efforts

OWINGS MILLS, Maryland.July 9, 2024PRLog — The National Minority Health Association (NMHA) is pleased to announce that renowned chiropractor, health coach and author Dr. Nick Athens will join the Health is for EveryBODY™ campaign as an ambassador.

Dr. Athens, known for his pioneering work with sports organizations such as the San Francisco 49ers, San Francisco Giants and other professional athletes, and author of the groundbreaking book To Health with You: Life-Changing Strategies to Help Improve Your Mind and Body (now available on Amazon Books), will now support this innovative campaign aimed at increasing global health awareness.

Dr. Athens is a passionate advocate for helping people live healthier lives and brings a wealth of experience and insight that has seen 27,000 patients and over 750,000 visits. His holistic approach to health and wellness, focusing on stress management, physical care, sleep and the importance of a balanced lifestyle, and his new book align perfectly with the mission of the Health is for EveryBODY™ campaign.

“We are honored to have Dr. Nick Athens join our campaign,” said Burgess Harrison, Executive Director of the NMHA. “His life-changing strategies for improving your health, as outlined in his new book, will resonate across all genders, demographics and communities. Dr. Nick’s expertise, over 42 years of experience and commitment to drug-free, healthy wellness make him the ideal ambassador for our cause.”

The Health is for EveryBODY™ campaign is a global initiative to raise awareness and develop a blueprint for taking personal responsibility, and to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their health. By better understanding health awareness and the consequences of their health choices, people can now make better choices that lead to improved mental and physical health at any age. The campaign, along with Dr. Athens’ book, brings a new perspective and mindset, paving the way for better overall wellbeing. Aspects of Dr. Athens’ book and philosophy will be incorporated into the campaign in a way that is easily accessible and understandable to consumers from all walks of life.

About NMHA: Founded in 1988, the National Minority Health Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to achieving health equity through innovative programs such as Equity for All, Health is for EveryBODY™, Operation Healthy You™, Equity for All, and THE.Art Alliance. NMHA addresses health disparities in underserved, marginalized, and hard-to-reach communities and aims to improve lives, health outcomes, and quality of life for all. For more information, visit

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Health is for EveryBODY™ campaign welcomes Dr. Nick Athens as ambassador For Health with You by Dr. Nick Athens Health is for everyone

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