LSU and Houston are considered early frontrunners for fast-rising top 15 candidates for 2025

LSU and Houston are considered early frontrunners for fast-rising top 15 candidates for 2025

The talented 6’10” forward Chris Cenac has seen a meteoric rise in recruiting in recent months and has now caught the attention of major college basketball programs.

Until the summer, Cenac was considered a top-50 prospect, but now he is unanimously rated five stars by all major recruiting services and is ranked among the top 16 nationwide.

“He was considered a four-star player and a lot of people may not have realized his potential,” NXT Pro Hoops President Matt Reynolds told KSR+’s Jacob Polacheck. “He’s incredibly athletic and can shoot the basketball. There aren’t many 6-10 year olds on Earth that have all of those attributes. He has them.”

LSU and Houston are considered early frontrunners for fast-rising top 15 candidates for 2025

Cenac has had a pretty good summer so far and is currently playing for YoungGameChangers in the Pro16/Next 16. He was named MVP of the NBPA Top 100 Camp and was part of the USA U17 World Cup team that recently won another gold medal. The New Orleans native scored in three of the six World Cup games and averaged 8.9 points, 5.4 rebounds, 1.0 steals and 0.6 blocks in under 12 minutes per game. He posted shooting percentages of .538/.250/64.3%.

Cenac is ranked as the No. 6 prospect in the country by ESPN and On3. 247Sports has him at No. 14 and Rivals at No. 16.

“My ball handling and shooting technique have improved and that has made me more versatile,” Cenac told On3 about why he thinks he’s gotten more offers lately. He’s made the big jump in the 2019 draft. “I can play all over the court with a good motor and my basketball IQ. I see a lot of guys who are over 6’2″ and can move. Players like Naz Reid and Anthony Davis.”

Here you can find out more about Cenac’s game from On3:

Chris Cenac has a great frame. He is projectable with long arms and natural smoothness. Cenac has good touch and good hands. He is a threat when he steps forward with his feet and sinks a shot. He needs to continue to work on his balance and feet on the shot, but the release is consistent. Cenac is an excellent rebounder. He makes a concerted effort to score high and secure every board. He still needs strength, especially in his core and base. There is defensive potential. Cenac moves fluidly. He can open his hips and slide his feet. He also has natural timing around the basket. Now it’s just a matter of learning the angles, turns and footwork on that end. Cenac has high potential as many of his skills can translate to the highest levels of basketball. It’s all about reps and development. He is still on the younger end for his class of 2025.

Cenac’s recruitment

Cenac has transferred to Link Academy in Branson, Missouri for his final prep season. He has received over 30 scholarship offers in the last two months, with 20 of them being accepted. Oregon, Arkansas, Michigan State, Georgetown and Michigan are the latest to offer him.

According to On3, LSU and Houston are currently the favorites to get Cenac, with LSU having a 44.7% chance and Houston having a 20.5% chance. The Tigers and Cougars are rated so highly because they are the only schools he has visited so far. He has visited LSU unofficially twice and Houston once, all three since September.

However, the process is still at a very early stage.

“I plan on taking some official visits in the fall once everything settles down for me,” Cenac recently told On3’s Jaime Shaw. “My family and I will sit down towards the end of the summer when the travel has calmed down to discuss which schools to visit. I’ll probably take visits in the fall and then maybe commit after that.”

“I’m looking for a school that will support me the most and help me get to the next level. I want to have a good relationship with the coaches, trust there. And I want to look for an NBA-like system that spreads the field and plays with four or five players. I’m really open to any school across the country, location doesn’t matter.”

Kentucky, which offered him on June 11, is expected to be one of the schools to receive an official visit.

Cenac talks about schools

Cenac has spoken explicitly about some of the schools that have made him an offer. Below you will find his comments about the schools.

LSU Tigers

Cenac made unofficial visits to LSU last December and February.

“My relationship with the staff is good. The entire staff is in contact practically all the time. They are still building their program. I want to see what they do with their team this year. They have great facilities down there. I’ve noticed how modern their facilities are.”

Houston Cougars

Cenac made an unofficial trip to Houston in September.

“They’re a good team, very physical. Coach (Kelvin) Sampson is a great coach and they’re like a family there. They’re a good transition team and I think I’m pretty good in transition. Houston emphasizes defense and their facilities are good.”

Kentucky Wildcats

Kentucky’s new coaching staff has watched Cenac several times this summer.

“I know it’s a completely new coaching staff, so that’s something I’ll be looking at closely,” Cenac told KSR’s Tyler Thompson. “I just love the support they’ve gotten as a school, I like what they’ve done in the past. Even though it’s a new coaching staff, they’ve brought in a lot of talent as a school. That’s pretty good.”

Syracuse Orange

Syracuse made Cenac an offer in early June.

“They contacted my dad,” Cenac told Michael McAlister in early June. “They talked to my dad. Coach Red called me. He wanted to let me know that he had seen my game and wanted to offer me. I was shocked. I think Syracuse is a great school and this is a pretty good offer for me. I just didn’t expect them to contact me. This is a school I didn’t expect.”