AWFLs are not our boss

AWFLs are not our boss

Last week, I had coffee with a friend who referred to the gaggle of white liberal women who often surround Justin Wilson, the mayor of Alexandria, Virginia, as “AWFLs.” I thought she was using the word “awfuls” to describe people who abandon their principles to gain power or just to sit near it. As it turns out, I was close. Wealthy white liberals, according to Democratic strategist James Carville — though not by that acronym — are so annoying and repulsive that they turn centrist voters, especially men, away from the Democratic Party.

Enter Jill Biden.

As President Joe Biden metaphorically and perhaps literally fights for his life, the first lady’s power and influence are becoming increasingly clear to the public. Her recent appearances at her husband’s side suggest she is anything but a supportive wife. Unless, of course, a loving wife publicly emasculates her husband and treats him like a six-year-old after his disastrous debate performance. As the queen of the AWFLs, she beamed with the tone of a kindergarten teacher and said, “Joe, you did so well. You answered every question, you knew all the facts.”

By now, people on both sides of the aisle agreed that it was a truly embarrassing moment. Many of us expected more to come. And we were right.

On Monday, Jill Biden showed her AWFL card again. She doesn’t often face tough questions from the liberal media that adores her, and she’s certainly not good at answering them. When a reporter asked her a legitimate question that’s on many of our minds – how she would respond to House Democrats seeking to knock Biden out of the race – she made herself the victim.

“Why are you yelling at me?” she asked, raising her arms. She was wearing a white designer blazer. Then she added, “You know me. Don’t yell at me, just let me talk.”

And then she never answered the question. Instead, she got into a waiting vehicle and drove away. Making herself the victim before ignoring the important issues that concern people was a tactic to distract us. Her most ardent supporters on the left may be starting to notice that she is, as they would say, “exploiting her privilege” – her AWFL privilege.

And she’s not the only one. Carville was right when he noted that the Democratic Party is full of “moralizing women.” Fairfax County, Virginia, is no exception. During the district’s school board meetings, the public too often witnesses moralizing political campaign speeches on a variety of issues from all of the Democratic-supported members, especially Vice Chair Melanie Meren.

But these AWFLs do not practice what they preach.

For example, they spend hours advocating for racial justice, but have elected a white chair and vice chair to lead the board. Meanwhile, the white principal, Michelle Reid, selected and hired by the board, spends weeks on hearing tours before implementing the dysfunctional policies she preselected. The hearing tours are designed to make parents feel like they have a say.

Despite all the preaching about the importance of transparency and inclusion in district leadership, the AWFLs really only care about their social and political image, not loyalty to principles. They hope we don’t notice the discrepancy and hypocrisy.

This year, for example, Reid undemocratically decided to implement a controversial sex education pilot program. The pilot program, which evaluators most likely declared a success even before it was implemented, provides for co-ed sex education for boys and girls in grades 5 through 8 in 14 schools. Despite overwhelming opposition to co-ed sex education—84 percent of district poll respondents were against it—Reid is unilaterally pushing through the measure anyway.


The lesson here is that the AWFLs are power hungry. They want those they govern to do what they say, not what they do.

The good news is that we have freedom of action. In our democracy, these AWFLs can only have power over us if we grant it to them. And what we seem to be hearing right now across the political spectrum is a collective “no.”

Stephanie Lundquist-Arora is an employee of Washington Examinera mother from Fairfax County, Virginia, an author, and leader of the Fairfax chapter of the Independent Women’s Network.