Man armed with machete triggers massive security threat at Cleveland Hopkins Airport

Man armed with machete triggers massive security threat at Cleveland Hopkins Airport


  • A recent incident threatened the security of Cleveland Hopkins International Airport after a man was spotted there with a machete.
  • Security officials responded quickly to the situation and eventually arrested the suspect.
  • Similar security breaches occurred at other airports, including Los Angeles and New Delhi.

Airports are some of the most protected places in the country for obvious reasons, and any lapse in security can cause chaos. Recently, another scare occurred at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport when a man with a machete was spotted on the premises.

Man enters airport with machete

In the early morning hours of July 8, a man was found acting suspiciously in the ticketing area of ​​Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. According to News 5 Cleveland, one of the passengers, Angelo Piazza, was at the airport to catch his flight back to Florida when a man asked him where he was going.

Aerial view of Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

Photo: Mikhalis Makarov | Shutterstock

However, as Piazza was waiting in line at the airport, he noticed the man in question acting suspiciously, crawling around and appearing to attempt what looked like a headstand.

However, the situation became serious when it was discovered that the person was armed with a weapon – a machete and a knife.

Security forces take action

According to FOX 8, officers found the man sitting on the ground with a machete – he said it was not a weapon, just a display piece. However, upon closer inspection, the officer noticed that the machete was quite sharp.

The situation quickly escalated, the police officer drew his weapon and the suspect shouted: “Shoot me, shoot me.” A recording of the incident also shows the man running towards the security cordon in front of the police with a knife in his hand.

The man was also heard saying he was peaceful and trying to get to Jerusalem. Piazza said:

“I was really worried about them. You could see people moving away from each other in sync and pushing each other, and they didn’t care.”

According to FOX 8, the suspect was a 37-year-old man from Cleveland who was hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation. The report also quoted a statement from the airport:

“We are aware of an incident involving a disruptive individual on airport property this morning. The individual was quickly apprehended and taken into custody. Airport operations were not impacted by this incident. As the investigation is ongoing, any further questions should be directed to Cleveland Police.”

Other cases

This is not the first time that airport security has been threatened. Just a few days ago, a man was caught running on the tarmac at Los Angeles International Airport. He was a passenger in the terminal and managed to get past security and run around running planes. After a short chase, during which the man came dangerously close to planes with their engines running, he was arrested by police officers.


On camera: Man runs on the tarmac of Los Angeles International Airport after breaking through security checkpoints

The suspect’s motive remains unclear.

In January, a man gained unauthorized entry into New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL) after scaling a high perimeter wall. He was first spotted by pilots of a just-landed Air India flight, who informed air traffic control. He was said to be drunk and possibly under the influence of drugs. The intruder was caught by airport security and handed over to local police.