Upgrades planned for MATBUS hub at Walmart in Dilworth – InForum

Upgrades planned for MATBUS hub at Walmart in Dilworth – InForum

DILWORTH – The pieces are coming together for improvements to the MATBUS transfer hub at the Walmart in Dilworth; MATBUS officials hope to have the project completed before the end of the construction season this year.

The Moorhead City Council approved substantially complete plans and approved bids for the project at its meeting on Monday, July 8. Those plans call for a larger, well-lit shelter at the intersection, as well as benches, trash cans and bike racks.

The interchange is served by three MATBUS lines, making it a “major hub,” said Lori Van Beek, Moorhead transportation manager. Currently, only two buses stop at the interchange at a time, but the upgraded area will accommodate three buses.

“There is a little room for growth, and I think that’s good,” Van Beek said.

Plans for the upgrade are mostly complete, but final details of the electrical and lighting work are still being finalized. Van Beek said MATBUS is currently accepting bids for the project and is fine-tuning the final details to move the project forward.

“We didn’t want to hold up the project by waiting another month – that’s just too long, especially given the short construction season we have,” said Van Beek.

The transfer station will be located at the north end of the Walmart parking lot, so MATBUS is seeking an easement agreement with Walmart for the project. The Moorhead City Council approved the easement agreement during its meeting on Monday, June 10, but MATBUS is still waiting for approval from Walmart.

Meanwhile, a shelter, bicycle racks and garbage cans have been ordered for the shelter improvements. The structure is of a special size and is equipped with doors to prevent cold wind from blowing in from the open parking lot.

“I guess it won’t come before October because it’s a pretty bespoke shelter,” Van Beek said.

The larger concourse provides more space for MATBUS passengers to wait for their buses. Accessible walkways around the concourse provide easier access for passengers and a shopping cart stand near the concourse provides customers with a place to leave their shopping carts before boarding the bus.

In addition to the accommodation, project plans also include improving sections of the bus route to make them less vulnerable to wear and tear from bus traffic, as well as planting trees near the accommodation to provide shade.

The construction budget for the project is $334,000, 80% of which will be covered by federal grants. The project will be funded by Dilworth with 20% local participation, which is about $66,800, Van Beek said. Once the construction contract is awarded, MATBUS will determine the amount Dilworth will pay for local participation.

Dilworth is using budget savings to pay for its portion of the project, Mayor Chad Olson said.

“It’s much more than the bus stop with the glass windows that you see every now and then – this is a significant investment in infrastructure,” Olson said.

Dilworth is committed to improving public transportation throughout the community, Olson said.

“Building this in one of our region’s busiest shopping districts will benefit all of our communities,” Olson said.

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