Denzel Washington’s brutal action thriller becomes a worldwide Netflix hit 10 years later

Denzel Washington’s brutal action thriller becomes a worldwide Netflix hit 10 years later


  • The equalizer
    a successful Netflix film, ranked 8th with 3.5 million views during the week of July 1-7.
  • The original
    The film was praised for its stylish violence and Denzel Washington’s performance.
  • The Equalizer 3
    a worldwide hit on Netflix, offers more stylish action but is held back by a formulaic story.

The equalizer becomes a worldwide hit on Netflix ten years after its release. Based on the 1980s television series of the same name, the 2014 action thriller was directed by Antoine Fuqua and written by Richard Wenk. It follows a former Marine and secret agent who reluctantly returns from retirement to protect a teenage victim of human trafficking from members of the Russian mafia. Denzel Washington plays the lead role The equalizer as Robert McCall alongside Marton Csokas, Chloë Grace Moretz, David Harbour, Bill Pullman and Melissa Leo.

Now, a decade after its release, Washington’s action thriller is a worldwide hit on Netflix. During the week of July 1-7 The equalizer ranked eighth in Netflix’s Global Top 10 list with 3.5 million views and 7.6 million hours watched. It ranked among the animated film of 2021 Miraculous World: Shanghai, The Legend of LadyDragon and below the action thriller from 2019 The hard wayAll three films appeared in the top 10 for the first time.

Why the original Equalizer is the best of the trilogy

It is praised for its stylish violence

After the success of the original Equalizer film, there were two sequels that followed Washington’s Robert McCall in his quest for justice for the marginalized and vulnerable people of society. Both were directed by Fuqua and written by Wenk. However, as is generally the case with film series, the original Equalizer the film is the best of the trilogy. Although the first film received mixed reviews overall, it garnered praise for its stylish depiction of violence—thanks to Fuqua’s direction—and Washington’s impressive performance, but was criticized for favoring violence over meaning.


Where can you watch the Equalizer Trilogy?

Here’s where to watch the Equalizer trilogy at home, including 2023’s Equalizer 3 and rental options for all three Robert McCall films.

The Equalizer 2Released in 2018, McCall is on a quest for revenge after one of his friends is murdered. Although the film offers the usual suspense of a typical vigilante thriller, The sequel ultimately fell short of expectations and served as a case study in diminishing returns. After the original film earned a 61% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the sequel’s rating dropped to 52% and was labeled “spoiled” by the review aggregator. The Equalizer 2Like its predecessor, it grossed around $190 million at the box office, which led to another sequel.

The Equalizer 2
is streaming on Hulu.

Coming out in 2023. The Equalizer 3 McCall travels to Italy to fight the Mafia, representing a man on Fire Reuniting with Dakota Fanning. Although the third and final film is almost as good as the original and features more stylish action, it is ultimately held back by its formulaic story. The Equalizer 3 was another commercial success, grossing around $190 million at the box office and was already a worldwide hit on Netflix earlier this year. The equalizer Subscribers can now watch the best film of the trilogy on Netflix.

The Equalizer 3
is still streaming on Netflix.

Could there ever be an “Equalizer 4”?

There is potential for another entry in the series

Denzel Washington as Robert McCall with a serious expression in The Equalizer 3.

While the first film is the best part of the existing trilogy, the success of the third part leaves room for another entry if Washington and Fuqua decide to return. While it is unclear whether many of The Equalizer 3The cast of would be open to returning, another action-packed thriller about McCall’s life could make for an exciting sequel. However, a sequel would also weaken the definitive ending of the last film and the series could end on a disappointing note instead of getting the current, satisfying finale.

While another entry in
The equalizer
Film series would be interesting, the success of the original trilogy shows why McCall’s story should not be continued.

However, Fuqua has previously expressed interest in another film in the franchise and presented the idea of The equalizer Prequel about McCall’s life before retirement. This pitch involved the use of anti-aging technology on Washington to make him look younger for the role. This would be the perfect way to continue the series without dragging out the story of the first three installments. It would also give the sequel a different feel from the rest of the series, as its main hero takes on important missions for the US government.

Why an Equalizer prequel would work better than a sequel

The success of the trilogy speaks for itself

was Dakota Fanning, Emma Collins in Equalizer 1-2

While another entry in The equalizer Film series would be interesting, The success of the original trilogy shows why McCall’s story should not be continued. Although a prequel would be the perfect option to delve deeper into his past, the financial success of the series and the popularity of the first and third parts on Netflix show why the story is as perfect as it is. Washington’s imposing presence and the fact that he saves ordinary people are what make the trilogy so exciting. But a sequel could ruin his recent happy ending.

However, a prequel would be the perfect sequel, as it can shake up the series’ formula without compromising the story of the trilogy. McCall’s different approach could even make it as successful as The equalizers first film, at the box office and on streaming. But whether or not the franchise continues to evolve after Washington’s trilogy, the continued success of the first film shows how much interest there is in the character and his exploits.

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