Turn Table LLC takes over the kitchen in the bar and arcade Arcademie

Turn Table LLC takes over the kitchen in the bar and arcade Arcademie

EVANSVILLE- TurnTable, LLC is the catering company jointly owned by DeAndre Wilson and Jeff Gott, who are also partners in the soon to be realized Bedford Collaboration Community kitchen project.

Wilson and Gott, who met in high school, founded Turn Table in 2017 after Gott earned a culinary arts degree from Johnson and Wales University in Rhode Island and both men earned degrees in hospitality management from Ivy Tech in Evansville.

The business was put on hold due to a lack of space in the kitchen and supply room while the duo worked on “Bedford Collab,” a major project to renovate a historic building in the Tepe Park neighborhood into a shared kitchen for caterers and food producers, which they hope will be operational and open by the end of the summer.

Recently, however, Turn Table was hired as a food supplier in Arcademia Cocktail bar and arcade downtown on Sixth Street. The focus is on American cuisine with an international touch.

“We’re back,” Wilson said.

Recently he heard that the Arcademie was looking for someone to take over the kitchen after La Campirana moved to The Main Street Food & Beverage Food Hall March.

“I presented the idea to Jeff and then to Carl (Arnheiter, owner of Arcademie) and here we are,” he said.

On the menu

Turn Table serves in the Arcademie on Thursdays from 5pm to 10pm and Fridays and Saturdays from 5pm to 11pm. The current menu is for the summer and a new autumn menu will be introduced in October. The menu includes:

  • Smashburger Sliders – Two mini smash burgers with cheese and secret sauce on a slider bun.
  • Turnt Wrap Supreme – Braised beef and crispy tostada in a wrap with pickled onions, cheese, sour cream, lettuce, diced tomatoes and avocado.
  • Thai Chicken Sliders – Two sandwiches made of crispy marinated dark chicken, topped with sweet and spicy Thai papaya salad and Thai basil aioli on a brioche slider bun.
  • Crispy potato balls – Mashed potatoes with butter, fresh herbs, cheese and garlic, formed into balls and fried until crispy. Serve with garlic and paprika aioli if desired.
  • Papaya salad – The Thai specialty made from papaya, carrots and sweet and hot spices.
  • Turnt cakes – Delicate pastry tarts with blueberry-lemon filling and blueberry glaze.

From now on, things can only get better for Turn Table, LLC.

“We will be here for the foreseeable future, that’s for sure, but we’re excited to open Bedford Collab so we have more space,” Wilson said.

If you would like something from catering, Turn Table produces menu items in bulk for takeaway and will soon have a catering menu for the upstairs event space at the Arcademie.