Visitor to a safari park in Indonesia throws plastic bag into a hippo’s mouth, sparking outrage

Visitor to a safari park in Indonesia throws plastic bag into a hippo’s mouth, sparking outrage

A recent video that circulated online has caused controversy as discussions about human treatment of wild animals grow worldwide. The video has caused considerable outrage online as it shows a careless safari visitor throwing a plastic bag into the mouth of a hippo, with many social media users calling on the authorities to take strict action against the man.

The incident occurred at Safari Park in West Java, Indonesia. In the viral footage, a hippo is seen standing in the water at the edge of its enclosure with its mouth open. A person tries to feed the animal a carrot from a car near the enclosure. However, another passenger in the car throws a plastic bag into the hippo’s mouth and the animal starts chewing on it.

The administration is now searching for the male visitor after he was caught on video. “We have identified the license plate of the vehicle this person was in. We are calling on him to publicly apologize to teach other visitors a lesson about following standard procedures at the Indonesian safari park,” said park spokesman Alexander Zulkarnain. Jakarta Globe on Saturday.

“We have collected information from our guards and the security cameras in the park. The guards told us that this particular visitor was reprimanded several times for opening the window in the tiger area,” he added.

According to the official, all animals in the reserve are protected by wildlife laws, so mistreatment of the animals could have legal consequences.

Furthermore, the hippopotamus has been examined and is in good health.

Since its release, the now viral clip has garnered two million views and 14,000 likes on X (formerly Twitter).

“This made me more angry than any other video I’ve seen today. That much I know,” said one user.

Another said: “Straight to prison”

“I hope they got caught and arrested!! This could kill the hippo!!,” another person commented.

A fourth user commented: “People are disgusting and who allows feeding animals on safaris.”

“This is attempted murder of the hippo, sorry,” one person said.

Another noted: “This is why all animals are going extinct.”

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