Revitalization of California: Santa Maria and Oxnard

Revitalization of California: Santa Maria and Oxnard

Today we’re excited to share our first blog on Phase 4 of the California Rework Project. Our team is hard at work on the next part of this massive project, which is revamping one of the base game areas in American Truck Simulator. Without further ado, let’s show you some of the progress being made in the cities of Santa Maria and Oxnard, California!

Like most previously completed areas, these two cities will be getting a complete overhaul, meaning the old will be removed and the new will be built from scratch! This will really allow us to put as much detail into these areas as possible in terms of detail, road networks and more. Currently, this phase of the project is planned for the 1.52 update for American Truck Simulator. While that’s still a while away, we wanted to share what we’re working on.

Santa Maria

Located on the famous US-101, also known as the Pacific Coast Highway, Santa Maria is known for its rich history and scenic landscapes. Founded in 1874, the city’s heritage is evident in its historic buildings and museums, reflecting its early Spanish and Native American roots.

Drivers delivering to Santa Maria can see the area’s beauty for themselves as they drive through the city on California State Route 135 (CA-135), where you can visit attractions such as Santa Maria City Hall, Santa Maria Public Library, and Santa Maria Town Center (an indoor shopping mall).

Agriculture is also a cornerstone of the local economy and plays an important role in the region. Drivers delivering to and from Santa Maria are sure to find many delivery contracts in the agricultural region, including a new type of agricultural depot.

If you’ve just traveled from the Midwest or beyond, be sure to stop and fill up at the Valley Pacific Traffic Center near US-101. This is sure to be a popular spot for all travelers.


Oxnard is known for its pristine coastline, rich agricultural heritage, and as the strawberry capital of California. A coastal town not to be missed! From the north, you can take US-101 and use the CA-126 junction. Along this route, you will find local businesses and shops, as well as green spaces like Camino Real Park.

Drivers can also drive the longest state highway in California, the CA-1, which will take you to the Malibu coast. Along this route you will find offices, warehouses and various industrial areas. Looking for work? In Oxnard there is a large depot of a paper mill, which you can find in the game near the Freightliner truck dealership.

A standout feature in Oxnard that’s hard to miss is the Topa Financial Plaza, a 14-story, 15,000-square-foot office tower built with reflective blue-metallic glass cladding, giving it a mirror-like surface against the blue West Coast sky that’s visible from any point in the city.

We hope you enjoyed the preview of what’s coming in Phase 4 of our California Rework Project. We look forward to introducing you to more cities, industries, and more. Like what you see? Be sure to share your comments with us, as our Rework team is excited to hear them! Until next time, keep up the good work.