Point Loma High School graduate and skateboarder Tate Carew competes in the Olympics

Point Loma High School graduate and skateboarder Tate Carew competes in the Olympics

By Steve Smith / 10News / July 9, 2024

The United States will send 12 athletes to the Paris Olympics as part of the skateboarding team, and four of the skaters are from San Diego. Among those competing for the red, white and blue colors is Tate Carew, a graduate of Point Loma High School.

Like many kids, Carew grew up on a skateboard and knew from a young age that he had talent on four wheels.

“I competed in my first figure skating competition with my dad. When we woke up that morning, he told us to just go out and have fun skating today,” Carew said. “I told him I wanted to win.”

Carew has won several skateboarding competitions since childhood. Despite his success, he never dreamed of competing in the Olympics.

“I had no idea and skateboarding wasn’t part of the Olympics back then. It was only recently that it became a goal of mine and it’s an incredible feeling to have achieved it,” he said.

Carew won an X-Games title in 2019 and continues to impress, owing much of his success to the skaters he grew up with, particularly those he skated with in the Clairemont area.

“My skating style was shaped by some of the skaters I skated with when I was a kid at the Clairemont Skate Park in San Diego,” Carew said. “From there, I met some of the best skaters in the world and now they are my friends. They helped me become the skater I am today.”

Carew failed in his attempt to make the 2020 Olympic skateboarding team heading to Tokyo. He said the disappointment motivated him to work harder and ultimately helped him secure a spot on the 2024 team heading to Paris.

“I think it just came with age and the way my figure skating evolved with maturity,” he said.

As he prepares to run in the Paris Games, he has his goals in sight.

“Winning a medal would of course be ideal, and a gold one would be even better,” said Carew.