Two years of blockade of building permits in Athens

Two years of blockade of building permits in Athens

The City Council of the Municipality of Athens is expected to approve a two-year moratorium on the issuing of building permits that use the construction “bonuses” provided by the new Building Regulations (NOK Law 4067/2012) regarding building heights and building coefficients, in addition to the prescribed building coefficients.

In particular, the Deputy Mayor supports the justification for the decision to partially suspend the issuance of building permits for two years in view of the completion of the new Local Urban Plan (LRP) for Athens. The study was started in September 2023 and is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2025 in order to establish new building conditions and restrictions for the entire municipality, but also for individual districts.

In this way, the Municipality of Athens will not encounter any problems that could disrupt the formulation of proposals in the design process.

The study is being carried out for the new urban plan of the city of Athens and takes into account building heights and coefficients, urban planning parameters that can be redefined, explains To Vima.

This suspension of building permits applies to the applicable maximum permitted heights that exceed the values ​​established in the Royal Decree of 1955 (Government Gazette 249 A709.09.1955) “on the conditions of construction in Athens”, to the “bonuses” granted by the NOC for buildings in the height and perimeter of the buildings and to the applicable building coefficients that are higher than the average building coefficients established in the General Urban Plan of the Municipality of Athens (Government Gazette 80 D71988), with the exception of the areas of the Municipality of Athens regulated by special protection regulations.

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