Neighborhood shocked as helpful 59-year-old local is arrested in unsolved murder case from four decades ago

Neighborhood shocked as helpful 59-year-old local is arrested in unsolved murder case from four decades ago

A neighborhood was stunned when a breakthrough in an unsolved case led to the arrest of a friendly local they called “Woody.”

In reality, “Woody” was 59-year-old Richard Moore. Investigators say newer forensic techniques have identified Moore as the killer who killed 69-year-old Madeline Garcia in Roseville, California, in 1984. The nature of the evidence was not disclosed, The Sacramento Bee reported.

Moore was arrested on June 27 in Los Angeles, about 400 miles from Roseville.

Moore was transferred to Placer County.

According to the Sacramento News & Review, Moore was arraigned on special charges of murder at the South Placer County Jail on Monday.


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Moore was assigned a public defender by Placer County Judge Jeffrey Penney, and he entered a not guilty plea.

Although Moore was assessed by probation officers as being at Level 3, or low to moderate risk, prosecutors argued that the circumstances required him to be denied bail.

“He lived under the radar for years,” Pacer County District Attorney Morgan Gire told the judge.

“He attacked the victim in the early hours of the morning, dragged her into an alley, sexually assaulted her and then beat her to death.”

Should Moore be entitled to bail?

This argument ultimately convinced the judge to deny Moore any attempt to release him on bail.

Six hundred kilometers away, in the Los Angeles neighborhood where “Woody” once lived as a free man, his former neighbors were stunned when his alleged murderous past came to light.

Neighbors remembered him as a helpful man who once found a lost cat and returned it to its owner.

Gire sees Moore as something completely different.


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“Today has been a long time coming,” Gire said after the hearing. “Justice has not stopped.”

“The defendant committed a heinous crime in 1984… And anyone who can commit such a crime, regardless of their age – regardless of how much time has passed since the crime – poses a danger to our community,” he continued.

“And it is imperative that people capable of such crimes do not remain at large while their cases are pending.”

According to a Facebook post from the Placer County District Attorney’s Office, Moore’s next court date is July 22.

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