Who is Sha’Carri Richardson’s mother? Everything about her aunt and grandmother

Who is Sha’Carri Richardson’s mother? Everything about her aunt and grandmother

Sha’Carri Richardson is having a great month. She just starred in Netflix’s sprint Documentary series, was Fashion‘s August 2024 digital cover star and is on the way to Paris in a few weeks at the Olympic Games 2024.

The athlete is ready for a comeback and mentioned in her Fashion Interview that her grandmother, Betty Harp, has been a great help in getting her to this point. As you may recall, the track and field star was banned from participating in the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2021 after testing positive for THC, the main psychoactive chemical in cannabis.

“Sha’Carri is tough. I made her tough,” said Betty Fashion“I’m a strong woman and I’ve overcome obstacles in my life, so I knew what I was talking about when things got tough from time to time and she wanted to give up – I said, ‘Don’t start anything and don’t finish anything. If you start, you finish.'”

Sha’Carri has embraced this mentality, telling the publication that she shows up for workouts no matter the weather and even shows up just hours after emergency dental treatment.

“You have to keep coming back, no matter what,” she said. “Most people only think about athletics every four years. The Olympics, that’s all there is – those few seconds on TV. But for me, athletics is my daily life. Everything I do – what I eat, what I drink, whether I stay up too late – it all reflects on athletics. Every decision. That’s what the world doesn’t see.”

While the 24-year-old has a huge fan following, her family is always front and center cheering her on. So who are Sha’Carri’s parents and extended family? Here’s everything you need to know.

Sha’Carri was raised by her grandmother and aunt.

Sha’Carri Richardson was raised by her grandmother Betty and her aunt Shay Richardson, according to NBC. Sha’Carri usually refers to her aunt as her mom and her grandmother as “Big Momma.” biography says.

Betty and Shay raised Sha’Carri in South Dallas. She is very close to her family, which includes her sister Tahjna Calhoun, her cousins ​​Calvin Harp and Natalie Byers, her aunt Brenda Davis, and her cousins ​​Aniyah Davis, Kyle Harp, and Bella Harp. Fashion.

Before Sha’Carri, her Aunt Shay was the Richardson family’s track and field star. The two would test their speed by racing down the streets of their neighborhood.

“We walked from the bottom of the hill to Big Momma’s car,” Sha’Carri said Fashion“And she didn’t slow down, she didn’t let me win. And I think it was in fifth grade, the day I first touched the car. And that’s when I knew.”

Now, when Sha’Carri comes home (she currently lives in Florida to train), she values ​​her “private time,” Betty told the outlet. During trips, Betty treats her to a true Texas feast, including chicken, braised potatoes, collard greens with bacon, and Texas toast with homemade sausage and eggs.

“(She) doesn’t want anyone to look at her,” Betty continued. “She just plays card games and fools around with her cousins. She just loves them to death.”

Over the years, Sha’Carri has given it back to the two women who raised her. Earlier this year, Sha’Carri, Betty and Shay all starred in a Sprite campaign. The sprinter said it was special to share the spotlight with her family.

“It was priceless for her to actually be able to share a moment with me where we just reflected on the journey we’ve all taken together,” she said Being in May. “The sacrifices and the support they have given me throughout my life, to be able to be with them in this moment… I think that was the greatest moment for me.”

Watch the full ad from Sha’Carri, Betty and Shay here:

Sha’Carri has made it clear that her family is her foundation.

“Without them, I wouldn’t be here,” she told reporters in 2021 after the Olympic qualifying bouts. “Without my grandmother, there would be no Sha’Carri Richardson. So my family is my everything. My everything until the day I’m done.”

Sha’Carri calls her high school coach her “godmother.”

Sha’Carri’s love extends beyond her biological family. She is also very close to Lauren Cross, the girls’ track and field coach at Sha’Carri’s Carter High School. In fact, they are so close that Sha’Carri refers to her as her “godmother.”

Lauren often encourages Sha’Carri to take it easy. “Sha’Carri doesn’t need any extra pressure,” she said Fashion. “She takes the blame herself. So sometimes it was my job to say, ‘You know, a mistake doesn’t define you. It doesn’t determine the outcome.'”

Her biological mother died in 2021 before the Olympic qualifying fights.

Sha’Carri has not said much about her biological mother publicly, but Sha’Carri shared in 2021 that she died shortly before the Olympic qualifying fights.

“My family has kept me going. This year has been crazy for me. Last week I lost my biological mother and I’m still here,” she said in a post-race interview. “I’m still here. Last week I found out my biological mother died and I’m still choosing to pursue my dreams, still coming here and still making the family I have left on this earth proud.”

According to NBC, she also said the following about her mother: “I want to thank her for bringing me into this world. I respect her and I love her. I know she loves me.”

Sha’Carri later said she learned of her mother’s death from a reporter during a pre-race interview. She used marijuana to cope with the “nerve-shattering” news, which ultimately led to her disqualification from the Games, according to the New York Times.

“It put me in a state of emotional panic,” she said TODAY in 2021, adding, “I didn’t know how to control or deal with my emotions during that time.”

She also apologized to her fans, family and sponsors, saying, “I am deeply sorry if I have disappointed you, and I have.”

Her grandmother Betty Harp is her biggest supporter.

Sha’Carri has so many great things to say about her grandmother and she calls out to her lovingly after big races. She ran into her grandmother’s arms after qualifying for the 2021 Olympics…

Day 2 of the US team selections for the 2020 Olympic Games in Athletics

Steph Chambers//Getty Images

Sha’Carri Richardson and Betty Harp after Sha’Carri’s race at the 2021 Olympic Qualifiers.

…and she did the same thing in 2024!

2024 US Olympic Team Trials Track and Field Day 2

Patrick Smith//Getty Images

Sha’Carri and her grandmother after winning the 100-meter dash at the 2024 Olympic Qualifying Trials.

Sha’Carri says her grandmother is “my heart.”

“My grandmother is my superwoman,” she said USA today in 2021. “Honestly, that was one of my biggest goals in life: for her to see me compete and succeed at one of the highest levels.”

The sprinter continued to pay tribute to Betty and told Fashion that “everything I am is because of this strong, wise black woman. Everything.”

“I’m blessed because there have been other people in my life who have helped me,” she continued. “But the foundation, that’s it.”

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you, Sha’Carri!

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