Quenton Nelson praises Anthony Richardson

Quenton Nelson praises Anthony Richardson


  • Quenton Nelson praised Anthony Richardson’s size, accuracy and work ethic on the podcast “Bussin’ with the Boys.”
  • Because of his size and athleticism, Richardson is comparable to Cam Newton.
  • Richardson’s ability to act as a dual threat could strengthen the Colts’ offense, but injury concerns could limit his impact and create risks for the team.

As someone who has shared the field with Andrew Luck and Jonathan Taylor, Indianapolis Colts guard Quenton Nelson is no stranger to the NFL’s elite. Nelson, a four-time All-Pro himself, also falls into that category. But it was a soon-to-be sophomore with four games under his belt who recently earned Nelson’s effusive praise.

On the Bussin’ With The Boys podcast, Nelson was asked about QB Anthony Richardson. Nelson wasted no time in calling his quarterback impressive. Here is his response to how unique Richardson is:

“He’s an absolute monster. He’s about 250 pounds after practice. He’s huge. He can throw the ball and he can be accurate with it. The plays he can make, some of the ones you’ve seen, the hints of it, it’s like, ‘Oh my God.’ This guy is special. But also the way he does his job – he’s not very loud, I would say, but he just does his job in a way that he can handle it and he’s ready at any time. Yeah, he’s a special guy.”

Size and athleticism are the main reasons why Richardson’s most common comparison is to Cam Newton. He flashed his potential during his abbreviated rookie season. Richardson could very quickly develop into one of the NFL’s most dynamic quarterbacks.


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Anthony Richardson, Indianapolis Colts

2023 has taught football fans a lot about Richardson. He can throw the ball in the NFL and run an offense successfully. His mobility, coupled with his strength and big arm, will be a problem for many defenders. Richardson will try to make plays, even if it means risking his body.

Richardson reached the end zone twice in the first quarter of a Week 2 win over the Houston Texans. He left that win with a concussion a minute into the second quarter, with the injury believed to have occurred on the second TD run. A planned run against the Tennessee Titans in Week 5 resulted in Richardson’s season-ending shoulder injury.

Hopefully, these unfortunate incidents will not have any bearing on Richardson going forward. However, like most quarterbacks who like to use their legs, there will be concerns about the level of risk he is exposed to. Having only played four games, Richardson will be considered an injury-prone player until he proves the world otherwise.


Indianapolis has a talented offense that finished 10th in scoring with Gardner Minshew primarily taking the helm. Richardson’s presence as a dual-threat could easily elevate this group into a top-five unit.

The difficult part for the Colts is weighing the risk of playing Richardson against the opportunities it presents for the rest of the offense. If he gets injured again, there’s no guarantee the next replacement will be as capable as Minshew.

Source: Bussin’ With The Boys

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