Quenton Nelson raves about Anthony Richardson for 2024: “He is something special”

Quenton Nelson raves about Anthony Richardson for 2024: “He is something special”

While NFL teams are coming off the offseason, players who were injured last season have a chance to get back into the swing of things. Like Indianapolis Colts quarterback Anthony Richardson.

Richardson suffered a shoulder strain last season that ended his rookie season, but according to his teammates, he looks fitter than ever this offseason.

“He was electrifying when he was there. And he is an absolute freak,” said offensive lineman Quenton Nelson at the Out and about with the boys Podcast. “After practice, he weighs about 250 pounds. He’s huge. He can throw the ball and he’s accurate with it. The plays he can make, you’ve seen glimpses of that on some of them, and you think, ‘Oh my God, this guy is special.'”

Anthony Richardson only played in four games for the Colts last season, finishing 2-2 as a starter, with one of the losses coming in overtime.

He threw for 577 yards and three touchdowns while throwing just one interception. He also showed some running ability, running for 136 yards and four touchdowns.

That kind of dual-threat ability will make him a threat in the league…if he stays healthy.

Teammates like Nelson say Anthony Richardson has done an excellent job and has prepared very maturely for his second season at the helm.

“The way he does his job, and I would say he’s not very vocal, but he just does his job in a way that he can handle it and he’s ready at any time,” Nelson said. “Yeah, he’s special, dude.”

Anthony Richardson is one of the NFL’s less experienced starting quarterbacks. He got four games of experience last season, but that came shortly after his college career, in which he was a full-time starter for just one season.

This means that there may still be a lot of room for upward growth for it.

Indianapolis is hoping he can capitalize on that advantage this fall, and if Nelson’s comments are any indication, that certainly seems like a realistic possibility.