Narragansett’s three-hour parking limit on the seawall causes controversy

Narragansett’s three-hour parking limit on the seawall causes controversy

Parking in Narragansett has caused disagreement between residents and local politicians.

The city has been working to put up signs along Ocean Road warning of a new restriction.

However, the state ordered the signs to be removed the next day.

Narragansett resident Dr. Albert Alba recorded video as city staff posted new signs along Ocean Road with a three-hour parking limit.

“This city has no right to circumvent state regulations if it is in the best interest of the state and its residents,” Alba said.

The Narragansett City Council adopted the three-hour parking policy at the city level almost a year ago.

Since this is a state road, officials notified RIDOT.

The traffic commission was supposed to review the ordinance, but the city said that the signs were put up when nothing had been decided yet.

The city attorney said Narragansett is being treated unfairly because several other coastal cities and towns already have time-limited parking options.

“They have to spend money to take them down… it’s pretty crazy and as a taxpayer it really bothers me,” said one resident.

A city resident said he agreed with the parking restriction.

“Who can really sit in the sun for more than three hours without needing a break? So walk for three hours and then get out of here… Give your place to someone else… How about that?”

Others said that it is not only beachgoers who park there.

“Every other day we are here with the dog at the wall or at the Point Judith lighthouse,” said another resident.

“It makes it difficult to do the things we want to do and enjoy the area.”

An online petition with currently over 3,000 signatures is calling on the city to reverse its decision.

The next meeting is scheduled for September 3rd.

NBC 10’s Molly Levine contributed to this report.