Donald Trump Jr. triggers backlash with comment on Ukraine war

Donald Trump Jr. triggers backlash with comment on Ukraine war

Donald Trump Jr. was criticized online for claiming that his father would “end the war in Ukraine” amid reports of peace talks between Kyiv and Russia.

Former President Donald Trump’s eldest son made the remarks on X, formerly Twitter, while sharing a post by Bloomberg News reporter Jennifer Jacobs, who reported that Ukraine was hoping to meet with Russia to reach a deal before the U.S. elections in November.

“The pressure to organize the meeting before the U.S. elections indicates a sense of urgency on the part of Ukraine as it faces the prospect of Trump returning to the White House,” Jacobs said.

Trump, the likely Republican presidential nominee for 2024, has long suggested he would end the war between Ukraine and Russia in one day when he takes office. Trump has also suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin would never have attacked Ukraine if he were still in the White House.

In a post on X, Trump Jr., executive vice president of the Trump Organization, said: “Wow, Donald Trump is ending the war in Ukraine more than 100 days BEFORE the election. You all know what’s coming and the fraud will end along with all the unnecessary deaths!”

Trump Jr. faced heavy criticism online for comments claiming his father would help end the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“Donald Trump has NOTHING to do with this,” posted Art Candee, a Chicago-based artist and frequent Trump critic, on X.

Attorney Anthony LoPresti responded to Trump: “You mean losing the war. Just like he did in Afghanistan by surrendering.”

LoPresti was referring to the fact that the United States under the Trump administration signed a peace agreement with the Taliban in February 2020, ending the 2001-2021 war in Afghanistan.

Author Richard Penton posted: “Her whole family is suffering from delusions.”

Newsweek has reached out to the Trump Organization via email for comment.

Donald Trump Jr. in Florida
Donald Trump Jr. speaks at a rally for former President Donald Trump in Doral, Florida on July 9. Trump Jr. faced heavy criticism on X for his comments on the Russia-Ukraine war.


However, there were several conservative social media profiles that supported Trump Jr.

“They want to end it to steal the show from Trump by doing it first. Because they know Trump will do it once he’s in power and it will make them look like the corrupt monsters they are,” posted the account @WarClandestine, which has more than 518,000 followers on X.

Trump’s alleged plans to end the war include trying to persuade Ukraine to allow Russia to take over large parts of Ukrainian territory.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky recently criticized Trump senior for suggesting that he could end the war if he won the elections in November.

“If Trump knows how to end this war, he should tell us today,” Zelensky said in an interview with Bloomberg TV. “Because if there are risks to Ukraine’s independence, if there are risks that we will lose our statehood, we want to be prepared for that.”