Video leads to arrest of Palm Bay man who claimed self-defense after shooting his father

Video leads to arrest of Palm Bay man who claimed self-defense after shooting his father

PALM BAY, Florida. – A man who claimed self-defense after shooting and killing his father in Palm Bay now faces a charge of first-degree murder after video footage identified him as the attacker, police said.

Brandon Cain, 23, called 911 shortly after midnight on July 3 to report that he had shot his father – identified as Daniel Cain Jr., 52. He told dispatchers what he was carrying and where he would leave his gun. Officers arriving at the scene on Danbury Street SW arrested the 23-year-old and soon after took him to the hospital after he complained of chest pains.

Investigators interviewed Cain at the hospital and were told the incident was self-defense following a verbal argument between him and his father, according to Cain’s probable cause affidavit.

On Tuesday, July 9, investigators found video footage documenting the shooting, the affidavit states. According to the document, the video shows Daniel Cain Jr. sitting outside next to a pickup truck while Brandon Cain exits the house, steps out the front door, and draws a firearm, which he immediately hides behind his body. After Brandon Cain and Daniel Cain Jr. exchanged some dialogue that he did not hear, Brandon allegedly approached Daniel.

Daniel Cain Jr. stood up and stumbled in the footage, as he was reportedly intoxicated and otherwise did not approach Brandon Cain aggressively. Brandon Cain could then be seen pointing the gun at Daniel Cain Jr. before making two large advances and firing several shots at the 52-year-old. After lowering the gun, Brandon Cain raised it again and fired several shots at his father from about three feet away before returning to the house, the affidavit states.

Cain was arrested again on Tuesday afternoon and taken to the Palm Bay Police Department, where he was read his Miranda rights and again claimed he shot his father in self-defense. When shown the footage, Cain reportedly told police he did not remember the incident happening that way.

Cain is charged with first-degree murder, discharging a firearm in public and shooting at an unoccupied vehicle. He is being held without bail in the Brevard County Jail.

Note: This map shows the general area of ​​this shooting, not necessarily the exact location.

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