What happened to Pedro Jimeno after season 5 of The Family Chantel?

What happened to Pedro Jimeno after season 5 of The Family Chantel?


  • Pedro Jimeno adjusts to life after The Family Chantel and works as a real estate agent in Georgia.
  • Despite the backlash, Pedro remains confident and funny on social media.
  • Pedro’s breakup with Chantel is still a hot topic, but he is focused on his goals and his attempt to lose weight.

In 2024, after The Chantel family Season 5, Pedro Jimeno works as a real estate agent in the Peach State, Georgia, USAand tries to put his messy breakup with Chantel Everett behind him. The Chantel family is now over and the cast is adjusting to life away from the spotlight. Pedro, Chantel and other cast members, including Chantel’s parents Thomas and Karen Everett, are still getting a lot of attention online. In addition, the 90 Day Fiancé The spin-off series that made them household names casts a long shadow.

The shadow Pedro received for leaving Chantel didn’t stop him from pursuing his goals, but perhaps it did hinder him.

Pedro’s image has changed since his 90 Day Fiancé Pensum. The good-looking guy from the Dominican Republic once seemed sweet. Today one wonders if he ever loved Chantel at all.Perhaps he had planned to leave her from the beginning. It’s been a while since The Chantel family Season 1 premiered in October 2021. By the time Season 5 ended in December 2023, Pedro was considered a cross between Darth Vader and Don Juan. The shadow Pedro received for leaving Chantel hasn’t stopped him from pursuing his goals, but perhaps it has hindered him.

Pedro Jimeno still has a sense of humor in 2024

His sweet IG post about “Hispanic parents” was a hit

Yes, the consensus among The Chantel family Fans is the Pedro is a heartless, womanizing bastardbut he still has his followers, not to mention his sense of humor. In the Instagram post shown above, Peter gives a humorous insight into the mispronunciation of words. You should definitely watch it, it is quite amusing. Despite this, Pedro was harshly criticized by one commentator. He said:

Just so you know, it was YOUR family that damaged your marriage. Chantel’s family changed and accepted you. But your family never did. The marriage fell apart because of YOU!

Pedro has heard all this before and probably doesn’t believe it. Everyone is the hero of their own story. Sure, he has haters, but Pedro is proud of his Hispanic heritage and he should be. There’s nothing wrong with making funny little jokes on Instagram. Even though he’s the “villain” of season five, there’s more to Pedro than meets the eye. Plus, he might have gotten the proverbial “villain edit.” People are blind to the fact that he may have had legitimate issues too. Most fans don’t want to consider his point of view.

In The Chantel family Season 5 had some extremely tough moments, including a heartbreaking scene where Chantel was forced to stare down the man who abandoned her at a conference table. The romance was dead, as seen in the video above. All that was left was the breakup.

They had to sell their shared home. Pedro wanted to sell the property – he is a real estate agent, after all – but Chantel didn’t want to give him that power. She felt totally betrayed, as can be seen in the clip above. In another scene, she bitterly summed up her position:

I know you cheated on me.

In 2024, he lets his fans listen – while he has disabled comments in the past, he currently allows them. Some people are actually rooting for him. As he tries to sell houses and condos in Georgia, Pedro’s confidence barely falters. However, it is very likely that the “monster” Pedro will be hurt by what is being said. Despite this, he is strong enough to survive – he seems to believe in himself. He is interested in achieving his goals.

He lives in the same state as travel nurse and influencer Chantel – but they are estranged. A little physical distance after a breakup can go a long way, but the two still run into each other sometimes. Plus, they have to hear from each other online. People should consider what it would be like to split publicly before jumping into appearances on reality TV shows. It can all backfire.

Although the separation, which attracted a lot of attention with restraining orders, allegations of cheating and much more, was ugly, there is one silver lining, and that is the fact that Pedro has entered the next phase of his life with his fameHow he uses his fame is up to him.

He is considered a cold-blooded con man and green card hunter who used his pretty face to enchant and then destroy Chantel.

That’s too simple, but Pedro is no angel either. He, his mother and his sister only care about “number one”.

The ruthlessness in the Jimeno clan is terrifying. It’s unpleasant and unattractive. The lack of warmth was always evident with Lidia and Nicole. Pedro, however, had a tendency to retract his claws. When he started to exclude Chantel, his claws were no longer retracted. People act horribly during divorces – it’s like you’re in an altered state. Then things change. Pedro seems to be doing well now – Chantel still seems a little unsettled after a divorce. 90 Days: Single Life Stay that did not lead to true love.

There was still hope in season 2 of The Family Chantel

However, Pedro and Chantel were doomed

The eagerly awaited The Chantel family Season 2 was entertaining. Even then, Pedro and Chantel’s relationship was not a bed of roses. After being constantly attacked by Chantel’s side of the family, Pedro seemed to get a much-needed break. The Chantel family Season 2. Pedro’s mother Lidia Morel and his sister Nicole Jimeno often added fuel to the fire, making things even more difficult for him. Luckily for Pedro, the focus was on Angenette Wylie, Royal Wylie’s wife.

After The Chantel family Season 2 ended, Pedro was working on his personal fitness and health. At the time, he shocked fans with a selfie that revealed he now has a six-pack. Jimeno said he lost 50 pounds – he weighed 215 pounds and later weighed 165 pounds. His favorite workout routine was Muay Thai, better known as Thai boxing. Pedro explained that he gained a few pounds when he moved to America – the food was great and he overeaten. He continues to maintain his fitness in 2024.

Towards the end The Chantel family In season 2, the couple revealed that they hope to have children of their own one day.”I think we’ve achieved our goals now, you know? And I know a baby is a blessing, but it has to come at the right time.”, Pedro said at the time. Despite the wild family drama, Pedro spent a lot of time with Chantel. Ultimately, they didn’t work it out.

They lasted two more seasons before throwing in the towel in season 5. This look back at an earlier season shows just how drastic their problems became. It seemed like they had a real chance to be happy together. However, their marriage failed spectacularly.

Pedro Jimeno shines this year

He enjoys his life

Notorious “starboy” Pedro, whose perfect teeth and skin made Chantel so irresistible, uses his looks and charm to get ahead. This isn’t really a crime – Chantel does the exact same thing. Despite having way more Instagram followers and “winning” the divorce due to her genuine heartbreak, which was truly painful to watch, Pedro is doing just fine. The post above states: Peter smiles, looks rested, healthy and happy.

Pedro can’t spend the rest of his life apologizing for a relationship that involved another person. At some point, people have to grow up and move on. The Chantel family Star is trying to do just that. For Chantel, the whole thing might be a lot more difficult.

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