BABYMONSTER Ahyeon’s latest appearance raises concerns among internet users

BABYMONSTER Ahyeon’s latest appearance raises concerns among internet users

However, many believe that it is Internet users who are causing “drama.”

Internet users are concerned about BABY MONSTER‘S Ahyeon after her recent performance.


Fans have hit back at netizens who recently criticized Ahyeon for her singing technique or “overdancing.” After the criticism, netizens thought Ahyeon had changed her style when performing on stage, and now many are worried about her well-being.

On July 10, BABYMONSTER was released on MBC Radiowhere they chatted and presented their new song “FOREVER”.

After the performance, videos went viral showing Ahyeon seemingly not as enthusiastic as usual, and in some moments she appeared sad or disconnected from the rest of the group. In the videos, netizens believed that Ahyeon had seen the “hate” about her performance skills.


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Considering the clips used and the reach of the videos, it is not surprising that netizens in the videos were full of pity for Ahyeon, criticizing the comments she received, and even comparing her to previous female idols who exuded similar “hatred.”




Others, however, have criticized the viral videos for attempting to create drama or portray Ahyeon as someone who acts a certain way. Although the clips used are only small snippets from the recent radio show, they explained that Ahyeon seemed very positive and interactive during performances and other programs promoting “FOREVER.” Users shared how enthusiastic and happy Ahyeon seemed outside of these isolated clips.


Unsurprisingly, netizens are concerned about the impact of hate on Ahyeon, but fans believe that some of the videos were created to create drama by taking clips out of context.