Warren Fox from “Hollyoaks” makes big discovery about Ella’s death

Warren Fox from “Hollyoaks” makes big discovery about Ella’s death

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Warren Fox from “Hollyoaks” makes a big discovery in the following scenes that brings him one step closer to the truth about Ella Richardson’s death.

Warren was devastated when his long-lost daughter Ella was recently killed in a car crash. In the next few scenes, he will visit Kane in prison to find out exactly what happened.

Hollyoaks viewers already know that James Nightingale framed drug dealer Kane for a crime to protect his husband Ste Hay.

Jamie Lomas as Warren Fox in HollyoaksJamie Lomas as Warren Fox in Hollyoaks

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Ste had confessed to James that he was responsible for Ella’s death because he drove recklessly to take his daughter Leah to hospital for emergency treatment.

In upcoming scenes of Hollyoaks, Warren visits Kane and learns that he was beaten up in prison.

He pressures Kane to tell him who is responsible for Ella’s death, but he tells Warren that he would die without ever revealing their names. An angry Warren then threatens Kane.

Meanwhile, James panics after seeing Warren and Kane together in prison. What does Warren know – and is James’ plot about to be exposed?

Ste Hay, Zoe Anderson, Sharon Bailey and Leah Barnes in HollyoaksSte Hay, Zoe Anderson, Sharon Bailey and Leah Barnes in Hollyoaks

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Speak with Digital SpyKieron Richardson, who plays Ste, confirmed that Warren will eventually find out the truth – which will lead to dangerous times.

“Without giving too much away, as I just said, in soap operas all secrets come out and eventually Leah will find out. But the biggest thing of all – Warren will find out,” Kieron told us.

“As we all know, Warren Fox is the tough man of the village and Ella has been such a big part of his life over the last few months.

“He missed out on so much with her and he got the opportunity to bond with a daughter he never knew he had and then Ste took all that away from him. He’s not going to be happy.”

Kieron also hinted that “something really big is going to happen and lives are in danger again.”

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