All About That Funk – Evansville Living Magazine

All About That Funk – Evansville Living Magazine

Knetic: the most apt word to describe a Georgia Funkadelic show.

It’s not just the music, though, although the groove is a constant at every performance by the seven-piece band from Evansville.

What is kinetic is the action on stage, which comes from bandleader Matthew “Georgia” Frankic. With his bass guitar strapped to his waist, he can’t stop dancing, bobbing and swaying. And the band moves with him. Then it hits the audience. The feeling is electrifying. The groove bursts out of Georgia Funkadelic, leaves the stage and swims into the crowd. No one is safe.

“The circling is natural. I can’t control it. I can’t turn it off,” Matthew says as his bandmates laugh while lounging in the backyard of his East Side home.

This is the Georgia Funkadelic experience – it’s all about fun and dancing.

Formed in 2020, the group has expanded from an instrumental trio with Roy Micah Carter on keys and Ben Ganster on drums to include “The Funkadellas” (powerful vocals by Cher’Rita Horne and Lindsey, Matthew’s wife) and guitarists Lucas Pate and Nick Rhoades.

The name may suggest a pure funk sound, but the band integrates soul, blues, rock, jazz and other styles to create the resulting “Georgia Groove”.

What holds the kinetic sound and movement together is the familial bond that the members have with each other. Sunday is rehearsal day. The band meets at the Frankics’ house, which the band calls “The Muck”, to rehearse, communicate and socialize.

These connections fuel their inspiration.

“To be creative, you have to show a lot of vulnerability,” says Lindsey. “You have to be in a safe environment with people you know will encourage you.”

What also sets Georgia Funkadelic apart from the rest of the music scene are their often matching costumes.

At the Evansville African American Museum’s Beyond the Mountaintop concert at the Victory Theater, the men wore matching black tuxedos and the women wore chic blue dresses. At ParksFest 2022, they all donned green tracksuits. And matching pink tracksuits, too, of course. It’s all about the experience.

“It’s all about fun and having fun,” says Matthew. “And dancing.”

Releases by Georgia Funkadelic
“Georgia’s Pool Party” (2020)
“Georgia’s Afterparty” (2021)
“Love Tango” (Single) (2022)
“Extravaganza” (2023)
“pure love” (coming soon)

Upcoming performances
Saturday, September 21, 7:00 p.m., Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana Rooftop, 212 Main St.