Sounds of the City – Evansville Living Magazine

Sounds of the City – Evansville Living Magazine

Evansville has a lot to offer music lovers – more than just the major touring acts that perform at downtown venues like the Ford Center, Victory Theater or Old National Events Plaza. Local talent regularly performs on indoor and outdoor stages across the city, and we’ve got sounds for every taste, including rock ‘n’ roll, hip hop, smooth jazz and country. Summer is the perfect time to immerse yourself in the music scene, with seasonal festivals, jam sessions and concerts taking center stage in Evansville and also further afield in Henderson and Owensboro, Kentucky. Get to know some of the musicians, venues and events this summer that have us tapping our feet and singing along.

Loops and rhythms
Dekar Justus is a busy musician and is building a career as a collaborator.

Once again, with feeling!
The Pits prove that they are anything but that.

Everything about this radio
Georgia Funkadelic gets its grooves through fun.

Turning poetry into music
Hannah Evelyn Jones’ songwriting is guided by her soul.

Exuberant punk rockers
The Chugs add a dose of fun to their energetic music.

The Bluegrass Music Connector
Southwest Indiana is in close proximity to the birthplace this emerging genre.

Names you love and rising stars
These musicians will become – or already are – your favorites.

‘Depressed by the illness’
You will surely hear these heavy metal and alternative bands from the area.

6 (or 5) degrees of separation
These musicians mix their Talents with other hot artists.

Mood check
These local venues offer live concerts for every musical taste.

Can you feel the beat?
Discover various music festivals from all over the region.