Robert Griffin III sparks controversy among Redskins with logo question to Washington football fans: “The logo was designed by black people”

Robert Griffin III sparks controversy among Redskins with logo question to Washington football fans: “The logo was designed by black people”

The Washington Commanders have endured more debate over their name than any other sports team in the world. The team faced criticism and demonstrations over the name until they were forced to change it in 2020, and in 2022 they adopted the nickname “Commanders.”

The name change did not calm criticism on social and mainstream media platforms. Following a tweet from former quarterback Robert Griffin III, a group of nostalgic fans and former players are calling for the old name to be reinstated.

Robert Griffin’s tweet for the Washington Commanders

Robert Griffin, the quarterback of the Washington Commanders, caused controversy between woke culture and the rest of America when he tweeted urging his followers to bring back the team’s previous logo.

Robert Griffin III, a former quarterback for Washington, tweeted a request from his X account on July 9. He said, “Dear Washington Commanders fans, this is a safe zone. Would you be happy if the previous logo was brought back?”

This tweet sparked controversy and we can see that many had conflicting feelings about it, as the previous design featured an image of Native Americans, often known as Indians, which is a source of pride for some and a source of racism for others.

There were essentially three groups that reacted to the issue: fans for whom the Redskin name was a matter of pride; fans who found the old name offensive; and non-professional fans who simply wanted the old name back.

One fan responded with a picture of the team’s old emblem and said, “The logo was designed by black people, so it’s offensive to white people.”

One fan said that restoring the old name was racist and the team should not do it.

And there was a third type of people who were neither outraged nor fans of the team, but simply wanted to restore the team’s original name because they thought it was a nice name and the team uniform was fantastic.

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What was the Redskin controversy about?

This is the oldest franchise in the NFL. They were originally known as the Boston Braves in 1932, but had to change their name to the Redskins in 1933 to avoid confusion with the MLB Braves. The club eventually moved to Washington in 1937 and has been based there ever since.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the derogatory epithet “Redskin” as “an insulting and contemptuous term for an American Indian.” For decades, Native American organizations and individuals have called for the team to be renamed, but the franchise’s owners have refused to budge.

Dan Snyder, the team’s owner since 1999, also refused to allow the name to be changed despite legal action being taken against the organization alleging it promoted institutional racism. The team faced pressure to change its name and image, but that effort was ineffective until logistics giant FedEx acquired the naming rights to the team’s new stadium in 2020.

Another factor that influenced the name change was the murder of George Floyd in 2020. George was killed by police, which infuriated the country. So Washington’s team name came under scrutiny again and there were threats to cut off financial support.

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