Emergency services in a Texas city begin transporting whole blood

Emergency services in a Texas city begin transporting whole blood

By Bill Carey

LEAGUE CITY, Texas – League City EMS has begun equipping its ambulances with whole blood supplies to improve survival rates for patients with severe blood loss.

Lt. Blake Brazze explained that carrying whole blood, a first for any emergency medical service in Galveston County, is critical for patients with severe bleeding. Hood line reported.

Thoroughbred ST.png

Monitoring the whole blood landscape as updated guidelines allow emergency services to transport and administer whole blood

“When you go to the hospital, you usually get one of these components separately,” Brazze said. “But the whole blood – hence the word ‘whole blood’ – contains everything and that’s why it’s beneficial for our patients.”

The department’s current use of Thoroughbreds is in the city’s emergency vehicles, with plans to equip all League City ambulances with them within the next two years.

“It’s like a pilot program because we only have it in our shift supervisor’s vehicle,” said EMS Chief Nicole Smith. “All of our paramedics have been trained, but our supervisors will be the primary personnel to initiate the transfusion when a patient needs it.”

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